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Five Step Method

How to Get Positive Results Through Our Proven Five Step Marketing Method…


Dear Business Leader,

What actions can you take today to boost sales and increase profits in a justifiable timeframe?

Is there a magic bullet for bringing new customers to your business and driving new profit growth?

No such bullet has been released to the general public to my knowledge, but there is a proven approach you can take to make your company more successful, and often dramatically so, one measured step at a time.

As a marketing and sales consultant and executive, I have seen the positive effect that a strategic yet methodical focus on marketing can have on a company.

Here is a model that I developed early in my career and have used repeatedly with clients to uncover leverage points and drive growth:


Following the steps in this model leads to positive outcomes by helping marketers:


1. Understand the background situation and what is possible (opportunities) going forward.

2. Set clear attainable goals based on the opportunities and challenges facing you.

3. Define simple strategies to accomplish those goals and create actionable plans to fulfill the strategies.

4. Implement the plans using tactics that engage key leverage points.

5. Assess results and re-focus marketing to boost performance.


What kind of results can you expect by taking this approach?

Considering that management guru Peter Drucker said that a business has only two basic functions: marketing and innovation, it only makes sense that a renewed focus on one of those primary business areas, marketing, will lead to positive outcomes.

In my experience, most business people are product-focused (what Drucker calls the “innovation” side of business) because they are most comfortable in the domain of creating and delivering products and services, which is where their expertise lies. For many people, marketing seems opaque and difficult (like accounting or IT or the legal aspects of business), so it is frequently neglected and businesses miss HUGE opportunities as a result.

We have seen excellent results time and again when applying our 5-Steps Marketing Model to businesses.

For example, we helped one software company take a product that it was selling for $50-100,00 and find buyers who were willing to pay $1-2 million – for essentially the same product. (This was a case of addressing the 2nd of the 4-P’s of marketing — Price.)

In another example, we helped a software company more than triple its customer base (from 7,500 users to over 25,000 users) in less than two years (and quadruple revenue to over $10 million in the same period).

I have other stories that I could share – of a publisher who took a $6,000 service and started selling it for over $50,000 while reducing service delivery times by over 60%; of an office furniture manufacturer who grew his staff from 50 to 80 and put on a third shift and a weekend shift to keep up with the demand created by the marketing program we developed; of a health services company that successfully opened a whole new business line (a training academy) with our assistance; of a large agri-businesses that saw significant improvements in market share when following strategies we had helped create and implement.

But rather than getting into those stories in detail here, I would like to invite you to phone or e-mail us to talk about your situation and the goals you hope to accomplish.


We look forward to working with you!

Mark Vanderkam

+1 (226) 971-3868

PS. Peter Drucker also said that “the purpose of a business is to create a customer,” which of course falls in the marketing and sales area. Get in touch and let’s talk about how you can give your “customer creation” activities new focus and energy, and grow your business with our proven Five Step marketing method!

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